Roland Gloria Band

Pastor Roland Gloria

The Short of it...

Roland Gloria is no stranger to the Texas music scene as he's been constant with his brand of Texas rock since 1986 when he formed his first group Magnum Opus. In 1993, his musical and spiritual tastes matured as he reinvented himself and formed Axiom. After several tours, albums and video releases later, Roland would spend time preaching the gospel at the Hard Rock Church and using his gifts with the HRC praise team. Recently, he began to feel that pull to take his brand of music beyond the church and glorify God in the public.

Roland is currently rehearsing in the studio and will be releasing a new self titled album in 2018.

The Members of the Roland Gloria Band are Roger Stack (drums/vocals), Brian Derby (guitar), Ray Cruz (bass), and Roland Gloria (vocals/guitar).

The Details...

As a teenager, Roland Gloria formed Magnum Opus in 1986 and recorded his first studio album titled, "The New Frontier." TNF sold over 5000 units total and garnering steady airplay on San Antonio radio stations Z-ROCK and KISS Radio. TNF won Album of the Year in the Current Magazines People's Choice Awards in 1989, and his group won Metal Band of the Year for the S.A. News Magazines People's Choice Awards in 1989. In 1991, Magnum Opus released a radio edit single titled, "Dream of a Lifetime" to 99.5 KISS radio in San Antonio and won the Most Requested Single from a Local Artist award for that summer.

In the summer of 1993, Roland was saved by the grace of God and formed Axiom, a Christian Rock Band. In 1995 he recorded a live concert and released "Blessed is he" as a video single on Catacomb TV and several other Texas underground cable access shows. Then in 1998 he released , "Demo 98" at their live shows. Later that year while playing at the Texas Rockfest in Marble Falls, Soul Joy Records President David Kelsey would see Roland and his group Axiom perform for the first time. Impressed with what he saw he signed them to the SJR label that same day.

In 1999, SJR released Axioms "Holy Ghost Fire" album which received airplay in several Texas markets including Dallas, Houston, Austin and Corpus Christi. HGF sold almost 9000 units in Texas from 1999 through 2002. Then in 2002, Roland released a single titled "In Your Arms" as part of the San Antonio Rocks Christian Music CD Sampler. This was a collection of 12 San Antonio area artists which was released throughout Texas to radio stations, news media and youth pastors. This enhanced radio airplay, interviews and established Axiom in many Texas area church events and festivals. "In Your Arms" would go on to be released as a video single also through Catacomb TV as well as Christian media giant TBN where the Carman Show would air it several times. This further introduced Roland and his group Axiom to a much larger national audience.

In 2004, SJR released "Articles of Faith" which received great local, national and international attention. "Testify," was released for radio and as a video single on the Carman Show and Catacomb TV. SJR stated that Japanese distributors ordered 500 units the day AoF was released, interviews were scheduled and we hit the road. Then in 2005 the calling to preach the gospel became more and more evident in Rolands life. So it was in 2006 he disbanded Axiom and began to pursue his calling. In 2006 Roland pioneered the Hard Rock Church and with it a Praise Team. Roland has been constantly performing and writing all this time. Now that the HRC has been established, Roland decided it was time to minister in the public arena again.

AXIOM - Testify

"In my association with Roland Gloria his heart and his talent both have impressed me always beyond many I have worked and ministered with in the past several years. Roland is a exceptional musician and his coarse yet smooth vocal range is unique and all together worth the time to spin his music. He is a talented songwriter, speaker, and minister as well. All in all you get the whole package. You won't be disappointed! Love this guy!" ~ Larry Locker, Christian Artists International, Inc.

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In 2012 David Kelsey of Soul Joy Records passed away, our condolences to his family and all that knew this amazing man of God.

In 2016 Jesse Garcia of The Catacombs passed away, our condolences to his family and all that knew this amazing man of God.